Spring Fling brings traffic to Broadway Street

The Spring Fling took place on Broadway Street. (Source: Kristin Sanchez)
The Spring Fling took place on Broadway Street. (Source: Kristin Sanchez)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A festival in the original part of downtown Myrtle Beach kicked off with hopes of bringing more attention to a part of our area.

To many who stroll down Broadway Street may not think Spring Fling had the biggest turn out, but to Shop owners, this is the most foot traffic they've seen in the area.

"We're seeing a lot of foot traffic, people coming by and they're stopping, paying attention to what's going on and just want to know what five points is about so it's a win," says Carrie Crosby, President of 5 Points Association.

The goal of the event is to bring the historic downtown Myrtle Beach district to a place where people can bring their families.

"I think it needs to thrive again, this is the genuine original heart of myrtle beach right here. This is the hidden gem where you can pretty much get anything you need," Crosby says.

One of the 5 Points Board members told me this area has a lot of competition when it comes to businesses prospering, but that's why organizers thought of this Spring Fling event.

"We need to pull together as local owners and really pump each other with these events and do our job participating, notifying them and encouraging them to participate," explains Pam Richardson, Owner of Hypnotic Hair Studio.

The event took roughly six months to organize, but even with all that time there was some miscommunication about the event happening and some businesses knew nothing of it. To solve this problem 5 points now has a solution.

"Before we leave today we are getting the best contacts for all the businesses so we know for moving forward that the miscommunication won't happen again," Crosby says.

However, when local businesses did find out about the event happening today, they couldn't be happier to know it would bring new faces to the community.

"If we can get in there and really pump this thing, then hopefully the next time we do it, it will get even better," says Pam Richardson, Owner of Hypnotic Hair Studio.

The DRC, Chamber of Commerce and City Council are all the behind the event.

As of right now, 5 Points Association doesn't have anything specific planned for the future, but hopes the spring fling will attract more people and business to thrive in the district.

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