Beat the heat appropriately at the office

MYRTLE BEACH,SC (WMBF) -  It can be tricky to dress appropriately in the hot summer months.

Fridays employees are often allowed to dress down at many companies, but in the sweltering heat, where do you draw the line?

At Coastal Com, a call center in downtown Myrtle Beach, you can find everything from gym shoes to exposed shoulders with tattoos showing, even managers are keeping the economy flowing while wearing flip flops.

" As long as you have something on your feet, jokes Dusty Rhodes, one of the managers. " You just can't walk around barefoot."

Call centers are typically more casual work environments. Managers there say they're more interested in employees who have the gift of gab and can translate that gift into sales.  But if you work in an office where suits and ties are the norm, it can be tricky to dress appropriately in the summer. suggests several no-nos when it comes to attire. The website says flip flops, bathing suits as tops, vacation destination shirts, shorts and anything see through is not a good idea.

A good rule of thumb for any business is if your boss is wearing jeans and short-sleeved shirts to work, you could probably follow in his or her footsteps.

Even at the call center, sometimes a line must be drawn.

"We don't allow short shorts, sleeveless because that can be a little inappropriate, you know what I mean and also we don't allow pajama pants," said Rhodes.

The team at Coastal Com might be on to something.

A survey conducted by research firm Alexander Babbage in 2013, finds the more formal the dress code the more stressed employees feel.

"It makes the day less stressed and makes the day more relaxed," said Ledena Todd, an employee at Coastal Com.

Since every job is different, it's a matter of finding the right balance between the heat and appropriate attire that best fits your environment.

If you're wondering whether that new summer dress you just picked up is appropriate for the office, remember you can always check with HR. 

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