Summer safety tips to help you safely beat the heat

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) Sweltering heat much like what we will experience today and this weekend can cause a lot of injuries to you and your family.

"Drinks that have electrolyte replacements are fine, energy drinks aren't really the best for you…water or the electrolyte replacement drinks," Ken Carr said with the City of Florence Fire Department.

Ken Carr with the City of Florence Fire Department says staying hydrated is key during sweltering temperatures.

"Early morning you want to be outside if you have to be outside early morning or after the sun goes down," Carr said.

Carr said if you have to go out during peak temperature times, be to sure to dress appropriately and use plenty of sunscreen.

"You should wear light color loose fitting clothing because of course dark color clothing um… attracts the sunlight and keeps the heat in," Carr said.

But sunscreen, summer wear and water aren't the only tools you need to combat warm temperatures.

"A great way to keep you energy bill low is to set your thermostat a little higher when you are away even if it's just a couple of degrees above 78 degrees. It can save up to seven percent per degree," Carr said.

A spokesman for duke energy said keeping a close eye on your thermostat and also investing in small electrical fans will help your home stay cool while keeping your electrical bill low.