Restaurant Scorecard: Inspectors find roaches at Surfside Beach bar

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Department of Health and Environmental Control inspected several restaurants around Horry County recently, including a Surfside Beach bar with a roach problem.

Sharkey's Bar and Grill in Surfside earned just 72 out of 100 points, and a "C" rating with several critical violations observed during a regular inspection from DHEC last Thursday. Roaches were seen in the facility, according to the report. Handsinks were not accessible to use, with articles being kept in them. A three-compartment sink had drainage problems and could not be used.  Many areas of the kitchen and restaurant had thick grease build-up, including the floor, kitchen and prep area walls, ventilation hood, shelving, coolers, microwave interior, cookline surfaces, and fry baskets.

The Food Shoppe in Conway received 88 points from inspectors, earning it an "A" rating. The report states that boxes of meat were stored within the slash area of the handsink, soap was not provided at the handsink, the walk-in shelving was peeling, and the cooler had chipped floor tiles, among other minor violations.

Mick and Mike's in North Myrtle Beach also scored 88 out of 100, with inspectors noting: a handsink at the cookline was not clean, another sink had a debris build-up, no thermometers were provided for testing cold food, and a sink faucet was in poor repair.

Cook Out in Myrtle Beach and Andy's Corner in North Myrtle Beach earned a 96 and a 99 score respectively during their inspections.

View the full inspection reports yourself here:

Sharkey's Bar and Grill:'s.pdf

The Food Shoppe:

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