Consider This: Myrtle Beach Leadership Silence

Consider This: Myrtle Beach Leadership Silence

If you live in the city of Myrtle Beach or operate a business in the city you should be appalled by the lack of leadership coming from Myrtle Beach council and city management.

Consider This:

It has been nearly a month since Memorial Day weekend when Myrtle Beach became a deadly danger zone. Since that time there has been little activity by city council to begin the process of creating a plan to make sure that what happened this year doesn't happen again.  In fact, City Council appears to be more focused on finding funds to operate a performing arts center than finding money to keep the community safe. Some council members say they are waiting on a solution from city management, but with a city manager retiring at the end of the year, and other city workers with no experience in dealing with situations like this, what viable solution can they expect.

It's time to bring in outside experts who have dealt with similar challenges and have the knowledge to work with community leaders to develop a plan for 2015 and beyond. And it's time for city residents and business leaders to hold the elected officials accountable.

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