Protein prices at record high

Protein prices at record high

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Your next trip to the grocery store is going to cost you if your family is full of meat eaters. The United States is seeing an all time high for protein prices.

Local butchers explain that right now the U.S. is at a record low for processing cows, and a record high for prices.

Experts blame a spreading pork virus, drought, and export demand for driving up the price per pound.

"I believe its $1.46 on hoof before they even reach the processing center," said Mark McKay, the owner of J&J's Butcher Shop in Murrells Inlet.

That adds up to more than a dollar more per pound. So far, it isn't really changing the spending habits for shoppers.

"It's really gone up but we still continue to have our steak every Saturday night," said Terri Turner after getting her weekly groceries.

Turner admits if she had to feed a family, she might cut meat out of the meal plan.

"Chicken is going up because the demand is higher," noted McKay.

Some shoppers think consumer eating habits are changing the prices. For example, people preferring to eat chicken over steak.

The price may not get any better. While McKay points out pork prices are starting to level out, beef prices continue to rise. He worries when prices go up like this, they rarely go back down to the original prices.