Windsor Green strives to become a Firewise community

Windsor Green is putting a stop to smoking in most areas of the community.
Windsor Green is putting a stop to smoking in most areas of the community.

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Inhaling any smoldering products containing tobacco may be a thing of the past in the Windsor Green community.

On July 1, the community will become smoke-free, with the exception of some designated areas. Smoking will not be allowed at the recreation buildings, swimming pool (except in the designated area), landscaped common areas, hallways, building front porches, stairwells, landings and the general common elements. Those areas excluded from the new rule include areas immediately in front of the clubhouse, the rear of the pool and the two grill areas. Even in these areas smoking products must be properly disposed of, in the approved receptacles provided.

Smoking is defined as including carrying, burning, handling or controlling any lighted or flammable products containing tobacco, like cigarettes, cigars, pipes and more.

This policy has been developed for numerous reasons. Residents have complained about being affected by second hand smoke in the community. Windsor Green's Board of Directors have also implemented these rules to reduce fire hazards, clean-up and replacement costs. There are hundreds of cigarette butts dropped weekly and many holes are burned by smoking products in front porch carpets.

In a recent survey conducted by the Board of Directors, the community's opinion on implementation of a no-smoking policy for all common property, except in designated areas resulted in 85 percent saying yes and 15 percent saying no.

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