Horry County crews plan to spray for mosquitoes Wednesday

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County crews have planned to spray for mosquitoes in Garden City and Burgess on Wednesday.

County Spokeswoman Lisa Bourcier issued the following:

Aerial spraying will be conducted in the evening usually between 7 p.m. – dusk, weather permitting.

The chemicals used for mosquito control spraying are approved by the EPA and pose minimal risk to humans or animals. Individuals with asthma or other respiratory illness may wish to stay indoors and close windows and doors during spraying. In addition, homegrown fruits and vegetables should be washed, scrubbed, and/or peeled before eating.

To help keep our honeybee population safe, beekeepers are urged to contact Horry County Mosquito & Spraying to identify the location of their colonies. In addition, citizens with concerns, complaints, or those requesting spraying in their area can also contact Horry County Mosquito & Spraying at 915-5174.

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