Low voter turnout in Florence County

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -Early reports during Tuesdays Primary Election are showing low voter turnout in Florence County.

Election officials only expect about 20 percent of Florence County's population to let their voices be heard this time around at the polls.

Bertha Mack is one of that 20 percent who voted in Florence County, she said she thought there were more people like her casting a ballot, "my precinct was full. I had to look for a place to park...There was a good crowd."

Election officials did point out that they saw a rush of voters in the morning, but by noon it started to taper off.

David Alford the Executive Director of Elections of Voter Registration for Florence County said many times people don't like to declare a party, "a lot of people wait to stay home and cast a ballot in November...mainly because they don't call a party is there's."

Alford admits there is never a perfect election cycle. For example when the absentee precinct opened it was discovered the Adjutant General was missing from the Republican ballot.

Alford said the election office worked quickly to correct the problem, "when we found that out we were able to determine who voted in the Republican primary and we immediately sent them a supplemental ballot with that office on it."

Only about 40 people were affect by this mistake according to Alford. Early election results from Florence County should start coming in at 8:00 P.M.

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