Traffic light at busy intersection soon to be fully functioning

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - You're going to see a brand new traffic light the next time you pass through a popular intersection in Myrtle Beach.

Pine Island Road and Highway 15 is considered a dangerous intersection.

Plans to changes this intersection have been underway for some time now, but the wait is almost over.

Renee Holder is a volunteer at a voting location near these two roads and she's even heard a lot of talk about the dangers.

"The people were saying they thought it was a really good idea that they had the stop light." said Renee Holder, a Myrtle Beach Resident.

That's because it causes a lot of problems for drivers.

"One gentleman mentioned his wife, they only live less than a half of mile from here and she doesn't come this way at all . She will go out of her way to avoid this area. Because it is hazardous," she explained.

This construction site came a long way in just a few months. Now there is a turning lane for drivers and a sidewalk for pedestrians – but still – there are issues.

"It's really hard to make a left turn when you're looking for oncoming traffic from the right and the curve is so close to the intersection that you kind of have to wing it and make your turn. So the light is going to be very beneficial." Alexandra Stewart, Myrtle Beach resident told me.

Pretty soon this stop sign will no longer be needed and will be replaced by those three colors letting you know when to make your next move.

But until that time comes.

"Tell locals to slow down a little bit, you know give us a chance to get out there." Alexandra Stewart pleas.

In three weeks the traffic signal will get the green light for operation.

South Carolina Department of Transportation put the traffic light in place and the city of Myrtle Beach will maintain it.

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