Consider This: Election turnout

Consider this: Voter turnout

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - We have another election and another example of voter apathy. The turnout at the polls was low and once again and many people just don't seem to care.

Consider This:

I just can't understand why people don't vote. In some countries, people risk their lives and wait in line for hours for a chance to cast their ballot. In America, many people couldn't care less about choosing our elected representatives.

Your vote matters and you should take advantage of the opportunity we're so fortunate to have- one that many people fought for and died for.

If you didn't vote, make sure you vote in the general election in November.

In fact, make it a goal for you and your family to never miss another election. Imagine how impactful it would be if we were closer to 100 percent of registered voters casting a ballot rather of 10 percent.

What a powerful message it would send to the rest of the world.

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