Small package, big delivery: Tony Rossi packs a punch

Tony Rossi goes for more gold

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Tony Rossi's schedule isn't typical for a child his age. On Mondays, he'll practice Muay Thai - a form of martial arts - for two hours; and that's just the beginning.

"On Tuesday he goes with Steve (one of his three trainers) and he does Jiu-Jitsu," said Chris Rossi, Tony's father. "And then on Wednesday he's back there for Muay Thai. Thursday he's back for Jiu-Jitsu. Friday I give him some time off. We do some stuff back at the house, like a little jogging and a little padwork."

All that doesn't even count training on the weekends. And after it all, Tony feels it.

"I feel exhausted, but on the other hand I feel like I accomplished something," he said.

Though the work has already paid off. He's the top ranked kickboxer in the state for his 78 pound weight class.

Perhaps the most intriguing part: he just finished up the fifth grade. At 11 years old, and competing for only a year, he has won every standup fighting competition he has entered.

Next month he'll put his skill to the test in the International Kickboxing Federation Championships in Florida. While his friends enjoy summer and prepare for middle school, he wouldn't have his routine any other way.

"He lives and breathes it," said Chris.

"It's better than any other sport," Tony thought. "I actually just feel like a normal kid, it's just something that I do. I just think I'm a normal kid that just does this."

The International Kickboxing Federation Championships are from July 11-13 in Orlando, Florida.

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