Students make music video to stop bullying

"The reason why it is important to get people to stop bullying is because it hurts people's feelings," Kaleigh, a student at Virginia Williamson Elementary School, said. "Nobody really has the guts to stand up for others, bystanders don't stand up sometimes."

A group of students at her school are hoping to change that. The students made a music video with a strong message: Stop Bullying.

"We basically thought we should change everything that's going on by making this video," Shelbi, another student said.

The students got the copyright to Katy Perry's song Firework and recorded themselves singing it.

"I thought it was very fitting. Katy Perry is saying you are a firework you are unique," Shelbi said.

In addition to the lyrics, the students designed signs and took photos of other students holding them up. The signs had messages such as, "Stop Bullying," "Lend a helping hand" or "Bullying starts with one kid, don't let it be you."

They are messages the students hope spread beyond the walls of their school.

"It won't just help out me and my friends, but everyone else who sees the video," Makyia another student said.

To view the music video, follow this link:

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