Haley vows to sit down with Atlantic Beach leadership to discuss Bikefest

COLUMBIA, SC (WMBF) - Governor Nikki Haley vowed to sit down with the leaders of Atlantic Beach, after Mayor Jake Evans went against her Monday, saying the town is keeping Bikefest.

Haley says the issue behind Bikefest was a lack of curfew, the city not having a noise ordnance, and the disrespect shown to the community from those who attended Bikefest.

"Eight shootings happened during this weekend," Haley said. "Three people died - that is not okay for South Carolina. That's not who we represent. That's not what we do. The Bikefest doesn't represent the people of this state. What we are trying to do in promoting tourism or jobs...yes, I will talk with him about it."

Haley says Bikefest is no use to anyone: "There is no revenue that is worth the number of deaths we had in the state. No revenue is worthy of the disrespect we saw. No revenue is worthy of the damage that happened to the area. It's an absolute disrespect for the surrounding communities that have said no more. "

Haley says there are more discussions to be had before Mayor Jake Evans says they're keeping Bikefest.

On Monday night, at the Atlantic Beach Town Council Meeting, Mayor Evans defended Bikefest. Read and watch his comments here: http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/25675614/atlantic-beach-stands-by-bike-fest

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