Horry County Animal Care Center bursting at the seams

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Animal Care Center is bursting at the seams and dozens of cats and dogs could be killed if something isn't done soon.

Shelter officials were tallying the numbers for the month of May and  found more than 730 cats and dogs were brought to the shelter in Conway. Only 73 animals were adopted in May.

There is only room for 150 cats and dogs at this shelter. Right now, they have about 50 animals too many.

It's exactly the reason the Roberson's came in to adopt a pit bull today.

"I told my wife I said, let's go to the pound and get a dog because if we don't adopt him today he might be euthanized tomorrow," said Mr. Roberson.

Operations Manager Kelly Bonome searches daily for alternatives to putting the animals down. She says the shelter contracts with local certified rescue groups to pick up the surplus, as well as groups from out-of-state that can place them. Right now, those efforts aren't enough. Decisions to kill some, could be made as soon as tomorrow.

"I'm proud to say that for the first four months of this year, we were a no-kill shelter, but when they come in this fast we have to make tough decisions. We look at their health, we look at their temperament, we certainly don't want dangerous dogs going back out. We look at what we have available for adoption," said Bonome.

Bonome says so many animals come through the shelter's doors this time of year because cats and dogs are mating more. She says people tend to move around more in the spring and summer often leaving behind animals.

Just today a litter of ten puppies was brought in from Animal Control.

Healthy animals will get spayed and neutered, and get shots in hopes the clock won't run out before loving families like the Roberson's come along.

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