Leaders brainstorm efforts to end bike fest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - City, county and state officials are all brainstorming the best ways to stop bike fest violence. Gov. Haley spoke out against the event as whole.

The city council meeting earlier in the week sparked a lot of talk about possible solutions. People were able to speak out in a public forum and express their concerns. Several offered suggestions; some of which, Governor Haley mentioned in today's meeting.

"Law enforcement was not the issue this past Memorial Day weekend The problem was the lack of a curfew, the lack of a noise ordinance, the lack of any sort of discipline or organization," she addressed in a statement.

Council members say they have tried to keep people off the streets before, but  agree with the governor that a curfew might be the answer.

"Legally, we'd have to look at it, but I certainly think we might have to look at it if that will get control of Ocean Boulevard because there lies our biggest problem - folks in the street ... folks in the sidewalk," said a council member.

Many people believe the two events should be separated.

Memorial Day is a somber holiday meant to remember loved ones with friends and family.

They feel it should not be mixed with a bike fest. Officials agree and feel it can become overwhelming.

"We're not just dealing with the festival goers, but we also have a couple hundred thousand people that are in town here for vacation."

Myrtle Beach City Mayor John Rhodes is not looking to move the holiday.

"There is no interest for my city council and the residents of the city of Myrtle Beach to move it anywhere. It's not something we want going on. Period. We want it gone," Rhodes admitted.

Governor Haley agrees. The decision involves Atlantic Beach and she plans to incorporate those city officials in the next discussion about bike fest.

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