Gov. Haley meets with Horry Co. officials to discuss hurricane preparedness

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - It only takes one storm - this sentiment was stressed by Governor Nikki Haley, and state and local leaders Friday. Gov. Haley says 25 years ago, no one thought a catastrophic storm would hit this area, until Hurricane Hugo arrived.

The significance not being prepared for a storm could mean the difference between losing your car, your home, or even your life.

Gov. Haley says Horry County's first responders, law enforcement and emergency management are prepared for the worst during hurricane season. But they aren't the only ones with a responsibility.

"We need the people to be ready," Haley says. "This is the time that we need you to really do your family planning. Do you have your important papers in a box where you can grab it easily? Do you have a family plan? Do you know which car you're going to take? Do you know what your evacuation route is? Know your zone."

Horry County Emergency Management wants you to know your zone too. It plays an essential role in getting you out safely if Governor Haley were to give an order to evacuate in a hurricane. The county makes it easy - they've got an app for it. The app can pick up your location and show you if you're close to an evacuation route - then tell you where to go. 

Emergency Management says knowing where to drive plays a crucial role, because if people all flocked to the same highway to evacuate, there would be traffic and mass panic.

The app is free and can be used on Android and Apple devices. Information on how to get the app is located at

Emergency management stresses you should not underestimate and under-prepare for Hurricane Season because of the mild predictions for this year.

"We want you to think about what you're going, about the elderly members of your family, we want you to know what you're going to do with your pets, and how you're going to handle them as well," Haley continues. "So this is really a time we ask residents of South Carolina to plan, to prepare for something that we hope never happens. But to make sure that we're smart about what we're doing, that we're conscious about what we're doing and that we actually help our fellow citizens by being prepared."

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