Some businesses close their doors during Bike Fest

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Memorial Day weekend poses a problem for businesses: to stay open or to close. Memorial Day attracts thousands to the area, and with that comes more money, but also more problems.

The Atlantic Beach Bike Fest lands on Memorial Day weekend. By Thursday, the barrels are up in North Myrtle Beach leading into Atlantic Beach. The barricade opens at the intersection of US 17 and 37th Avenue North. The businesses there do the opposite - they close.

Rockefellers Raw Bar and Horst Gasthaus share a parking lot at the start of the bike lane and they say that is the reason they close. Both say it blocks people from coming to their business, so it is easier to close.

Horst Gasthaus has been closing for the holiday weekend since 1999. Former owner and current employee explains when they were open, they wouldn't make much money and the cons greatly outweighed the pros.

Another restaurant in the area feels the opposite. Kings Pizza stays open and says business is great. Owner Yanni Geladakis doesn't believe the bike lane or Bike Fest is a reason to close.

However, after this weekend's events, other businesses feel differently. The owner of Lulu's says it is usually open for 24 hours. After Saturday night, Misty Coan admits that might change next year.

She brought her concerns to the city council Tuesday. She wanted to let them know what businesses were going through.

"It's the lawlessness that's a problem. You know, urinating on the port-o-john, and not in the port-o-john, I just can't run a business in a place that doesn't feel safe."

Businesses that close have been sued in the past by the NAACP, but businesses argue if they pay their bills and notice the work isn't worth the hassle, they should be able to close.

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