Consider This: This Must End

What happened this weekend was tragic. Tragic because three people were killed… senseless deaths. Tragic because our safety and reputation and is at risk. Tragic because people have been afraid to address this issue head-on.

Consider This:

Myrtle Beach is not the first city to deal with a challenge like this. In the 1990's Atlanta had an event called Freaknik and it grew into an out of control party with similar issues now facing Myrtle Beach. Atlanta leaders took a stand and after a few years Freaknik was no more.

We need leadership like that… residents, businesses, and the cities along the Grand Strand must work together in solidarity. And that includes you, Atlantic Beach. You can't say this isn't your problem because you didn't have any issues within your city borders. As the host city for this bike fest you have a responsibility for what happens. You need to be part of the solution… right now you are part of the problem.

The Grand Strand is where many of us live work and raise our families. We can't allow one event to destroy our community. And we can't allow fear to control how we respond to end this madness.

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