Weekend violence in Myrtle Beach leaves stain on Atlantic Beach

Atlantic Beach leaders have no plans to change bike fest

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF)- As the final day of the 2014 Atlantic Beach Bikefest wrapped up Monday, the weekend's violence in Myrtle Beach overshadowed the cultural event.

An online petition with thousands of likes is circulating to end Bikefest.

Three people were killed at the Bermuda Sands hotel in Myrtle Beach on Saturday, while two others were wounded at a shooting Sunday at the Wave Rider Resort in Myrtle Beach.

Some say the rowdy crowds in Myrtle Beach were in town for Bikefest, while Atlantic Beach town officials say the violence in Myrtle Beach has nothing to do with their annual event.

"The ones associated with that have probably never been to Atlantic Beach, never made it down to Myrtle Beach and likely don't have motorcycles," said Josephine Isom, an Atlantic Beach town councilwoman, who added that their town saw no crime related to the festival.

The mayor of Atlantic Beach says they have no plans to change things for next year, while Myrtle Beach officials grapple with what to do.

Captain David Knipes says it's too early to assess what changes will be made for next year, but Mayor John Rhodes went so far as to say they will do whatever it takes even if it lands them in court.

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