Different type of 'golf ball' hits the Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- Hail storms caught many people off guard Friday night. Each storm was quick, but the damage was deep. In many areas people saw hail, the size of golf balls.

Hail storms hit up and down the Grand Strand, From Galivants Ferry to Myrtle Beach. People were stuck in the middle of them. The size of the hail caught many drivers off guard.

Vinny Musewwo is visiting for Bike Fest and has never seen hail this big before.

"We slammed on the brakes, and we just panicked. We actually went into the next parking lot to make a U-turn to come over here to find this little shelter area over here," he admitted.

Musewwo is referring to a drive-through bank on 21st Avenue North. Many cars pulled into the band when hail started coming down hard. People found the timing of it all most shocking.

"I heard that one sound and then it was like the whole bottom fell out," a witness said.

Some were lucky enough to find shelter before their car took a beating, but Strickland wasn't as lucky.

"It started pounding the windows the roof my car ... and I was like MY CAR and ran out here and it was too late," he cried.

Strickland's windshield is now cracked down the middle, and the hail also dented his car in ten different places. He says he's never seen a storm like this before and the damage is making him think a garage would be a mandatory addition to his home.

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