More drivers, bikers and congestion equals more money

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Memorial Day weekend means bikers, parades, and packed roads.

For the next three days, more than 88 percent of travelers, will take the wheel according to AAA.  The company anticipates more than 451,000 South Carolina drivers to hit the roads, the most in nine years. A good sign for tourism, but a bad sign for traffic.

Today, starts a campaign by Safeco Insurance, Drive it Forward Fridays, to put the brakes on aggressive driving. It encourages positive driving actions to counter negative driving behavior.

Some tips include: don't cut off drivers, avoid using high beams towards oncoming traffic and keep from tailgating.

With more drivers and bikers on our roads, police will make sure safe driving is enforced. Cab drivers have some tips of their own,

"Be careful, especially pulling off from red lights. When the light turns green, be sure to look both ways because a lot of these bikes are going at high rates of speed and when the light changes they don't have time to stop and that's how most accidents are caused, people running red lights," says John Wadzinski with Resorts Transportation.

He expects the most congestion on Kings Highway.  Traffic will also pick up on Ocean Boulevard and US-17, as well, especially as you head towards the north strand, with bike fest kicking off in Atlantic Beach Friday.

If you're set to travel, there are ways you can save gas.

Save on fuel cost

Think about what you're packing in your car, before you head out.  An extra 100 pounds can cost you more than four-cents a gallon in gas, and that adds up.

Also, stay calm behind the wheel. Not only can it save lives, it can save you money. Rapid acceleration, braking and speeding, wastes gas. Speaking of speeding, the US Department of Energy says to estimate, every 5 mph you drive over 50 mph, is like paying 24-cents more for gas. Save your money- use cruise control.

You'll want to avoid extra stops at the gas station because right now, the national average for gas is 22 cents more than last year. According to AAA, Myrtle Beach has the highest prices across the state, at  $3.497, but when you look at the big picture, South Carolina, has the 14th lowest gas prices in the country.

Here's where you can find the cheapest gas stations:

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