Restaurant Scorecard features 6 eateries

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Restaurant Scorecard features a breakfast diner, BBQ restaurant, pizza place, seafood shack, and more in its segment Friday, May 23.

It's expected many people will be grilling out Memorial Day weekend, but for the ones who dine out, the grades are in.

Six restaurants in the area are featured, to find out how they rank with DHEC.

Waffle House, located on Highway 17 in Little River received a 78 out of 100, in its health inspection. The letter grade is a 'B', according to DHEC.

Inspectors noted to-go containers were stored on the floor. In addition, grime build-up on the floor and walls were noted, and a tea urn was left uncovered.

A place serving up a southern favorite: barbeque is next on the list.

Little Pigs BBQ, located on Frontage Road, in Myrtle Beach, is toting a 97 out of 100. This results in an "A" rating.

Things noted at Little Pigs, included: dust on covers for tools, floors in the corners and edges around the ice machine were dirty. The hood had grease build up, according to DHEC.

Another restaurant earning an 'A' grade is Chicago Pizza on Highway 17 in Surfside Beach. The number score was a 97.

Although, mold build-up was found on the ice machine and the back exterior door was propped open.

Crab Daddy's on Highway 17, in Garden City is the top scorer of the week with a 98.

Inspectors noted that the drain boards were not caulked to wall.

Jackson's Inlet Bar and Grill on Highway 17 in Murrells Inlet got an 'A' rating with a score of 88 points.

A few of the things DHEC found were the lack of paper towels at the kitchen sink. A cutting board was stored behind the sink faucet and inspectors found some clams and mussels, stored in a grocery bag in the freezer.

Dirty Don's Oyster Bar and Grill, located on 21st Avenue North in Myrtle Beach earned a 'B' rating, with 82 points.

Reportedly, a potato cutter was not cleaned or sanitized, a scoop without a handle was found in dry goods, and chicken and fish were not in a holding cooler at the right temperature.

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