South Carolina Department of Commerce awards Grand Strand Technology Council with a $250,000 grant

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The Grand Strand Technology Council received a $250,000 grant from the South Carolina Department of Commerce to equip promising entrepreneurs with the skills to create businesses.

The grant will fund a Grand Strand Startup Initiative within the technology council. The initiative will develop startups as an economic development effort for Georgetown and Horry Counties.

Mike Schroll is the Manager and Chief Technology Officer of the initiative. Schroll is also the Vice President of the Technology Council. Schroll says that he anticipates the initiative helping a person or small groups who have been in the same industry for several years.

The Georgetown County Economic Development offered space for the current office which is located in Pawleys Island. Director, Brian Tucker is also a supporter of the initiative.

The Grand Strand Technology Council is required to raise capital that will be matched by the state on a dollar for dollar basis.

According to consultant, Henry Lowenstein, Technology startups could have a significant economic impact in Horry County. The balance of the $250,000 will be sought throughout the remainder of the year from foundations, non-state organizations, technology companies and involved individuals. Ongoing operations are expected to be self-supporting after the initial funds are invested.

John Sanders, Chairman of the Technology Council, reports that the Board of Directors is proud of the development that should help enhance the ongoing activities of technology-business expansion and educational support

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