Bikers gear up for Bike Fest

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Ocean Boulevard is seeing more bikers than usual. Thursday marks the beginning of Bike Fest and bikers say they've never seen so many, so soon. The increase from traffic and bikers have techniques to help them stay safe.

Bikers say Myrtle Beach has different things to offer than Atlantic Beach, even though that's where most of the Bike Fest vendors are.

"I think it's all the hotels. It's a good central location. You can get in and out of the streets but the traffic is open so you can actually roll at a decent pace and be seen. So this is where everybody wants to be at so they can be seen," a Bike Fest participant said.

They are being seen. Hundreds of bikes are riding up and down Ocean Boulevard, as well as Kings Highway. Bikers say it's the most they have seen so early, and it sets a tone for the rest of the weekend. Since there are so many riding, they're using hand signals to get around town.

"We choose to use that when we're out here especially because you're around such a big group of people. It gets you back to where you started all together and in one place," said one biker.

They are also looking out for other drivers on the road.

"We definitely look out for them. Most motorcycles are defensive riders to begin with and you hope that these guys are also looking out for you when  you're out here on the roads," said a biker.

Bikers feel that this Bike Fest will be one of the biggest because of the hype and nice weather.

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