Summertime sickness: How to spot a virus

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Even though the weather is nice and we're close to the official start of summer, plenty of people are going to the doctor's office. Patient waiting rooms are packed, as it's still a busy time for sickness.

WMBF News talked with a doctor to see what's going around now, and the common illnesses for this time of year are Enteroviruses. These summer viruses can affect your nose, throat, eyes, and digestive system. Symptoms range from a high fever and a sore throat to diarrhea and vomiting.

Being sick around the summertime can actually last longer than a cold during the winter, because many aren't paying as close attention to what's going on with their bodies. Plus, some symptoms can mimic allergies, so you may not catch it right away. You should still be watching out for it, especially since viral infections usually affect children.

"A lot of times toward the end of the school year," said Dr. Winston McIver with Waccamaw Primary Care, "the weather changes a little bit, and people may not be dressing quite appropriately enough. And a lot of times viruses can transmit that way when the immune system is down."

WMBF News checked in with the Horry County Schools Health and Safety Services Director Tammy Trulove, who says the number of sick kids seems to be sporadic, so there isn't a particular illness swirling around right now.

Dr. McIver says the key to knowing the difference between having allergies and actually being sick is the length of time.

If you're feeling sick for longer than three days, then it's time to go to the doctor's office.

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