Unclaimed cash helps Grand Strand woman pay for repairs

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Nearly 300,000 people in the WMBF News viewing area are owed a total of nearly $40 million – more than $18 million of that is owed to people in Horry County.

To give you an idea of amounts: 5,700 businesses and people in Horry County are owed more than $500 dollars each in unclaimed cash. More than 300 are owed more than $5,000. And there are many, many more owed less than $500.

Examples of unclaimed property include dormant bank accounts, uncashed checks - including paychecks, unclaimed insurance proceeds, forgotten utility deposits, uncashed dividend checks and unexchanged shares of stock.

The State Treasurer's Office holds the unclaimed funds and stock until the owner or the heir claims the property. There is no charge.

On Wednesday, WMBF News hosted a phone bank where viewers could call in and find out if they had unclaimed cash. Representatives from the South Carolina Treasurer's Office were live in our studio taking calls, locating unclaimed cash, and walking viewers through the process of filing a claim and getting their money.

If you'd like to check to see if you have unclaimed cash or other property now, you can look yourself up on the SC Treasurer's Office website using their Palmetto Payback search engine here:


WMBF News Reporter Mandy Noell tracked down one person who took some advice and logged online to see if she was owed some money. It turns out she had quite a bit of unclaimed cash.

"And sure enough, in 5 or 6 weeks, it arrived," said Patricia Gregory. "And I was excited because I was going to buy some things with it, but I think the Lord sent me that money because shortly thereafter, my stove stopped working and my water heater had to have repairs, so this money helped me buy a new stove, and pay for the repairs that I had."

There is absolutely no fee for the service from the state treasurer's office to locate and send you your money.

If you've lived in other states and feel you may have unclaimed property from your time there. Search other state and federal databases for unclaimed property here: