Horry County School District to get 10 new busses

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County School District will get 10 new school busses by the end of the year at $84,000 per bus.

Transportation currently uses a total of 46 buses. The age of the current routed fleet ranges from 17-years-old, the newest vehicles, to 35 buses that are over 20-years-old.

To maintain the current fleet, a replacement cycle over a five year period will require the purchase of eight buses per year for the next five years to bring the age of the district's fleet under 15 years by 2019.

In addition to the district-owned routed buses, the county currently operates and maintains 59 district-owned activity buses throughout the school district.

The age of the current activity bus fleet ranges from the newest which are one year old to 21 buses that are over 16-years-old.

To maintain the current fleet, a reduction of the total number of activity buses throughout the district from 59 to 40, a reduction that would eliminate 19 of the oldest activity buses and bring the age of the activity bus fleet down to 16 years of age.

Jim Wright, HCS Transportation Director, confirmed the HCS Board approved the purchase of 10 total school buses: 8 route buses and 2 activity buses.

The county owns 111 total buses.

Decisions of what to do with the busses being replaced will be left up to the auto shops.

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