SC Dept. of Education makes error in cursive writing bill calculation

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The South Carolina Department of Education admitted miscalculating the cursive writing bill. The department took to Twitter to clear the confusion.

"We overestimated cost of materials & professional development & calculated it over 5 grades - our apologies for the error," the SC Dept. of Education tweeted on Friday, May 17.

Originally, the bill had a $28 million price tag. The budget officer said $25 million would be needed for instructional materials, and more than $2 million in travel for teacher training.

The department retracted those statements.

"Overall cost will likely be lower since many teachers will use free, online resources and students can use existing materials," the department stated in a tweet. "We made a mistake in the fiscal impact statement today on the cursive writing bill before the SC Sen. Ed. Cmte - we're working to correct it," it added.

The recalculated cost of the cursive writing bill is $647,075.

"The maximum cost is one new workbook ($11.29) multiplied by 57,314 second grade students. No travel or training costs," the department explained.

The bill would require students to know how to write in cursive by the fifth grade.

The state hasn't required cursive instruction since 2008.

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