Police work to prevent accidents in North Myrtle during bike week

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Police expect to get a lot of complaints this weekend, but above all, they see accidents, most of which are not caused by motorcycles. There are things everyone needs to know to avoid taking a life.

Patrol Sergeant Mike Bienkoski explains people do things here they wouldn't normally do in their home towns.

"People on the road a lot of them are showing off their new motorcycles and doing things they probably shouldn't be doing," Sgt. Bienkoski says.

A lot of events planned for the bike rally involve drinking. North Myrtle Beach Police say their policy is to educate, warn and then cite. They hope everyone is responsible enough not to make a life-threatening decision.

Sgt. Bienkoski says "It's bad to drink and drive in a car. In a motorcycle... it's pretty much suicide."

In a car you have a certain amount of protection, where as in a motorcycle you barely have any.

Sergeant Bienkoski says they will have extra patrols making sure motorists, drivers, and pedestrians are staying safe.

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