Feature on smartphone displays users' frequent locations

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A feature on smartphones displays exact addresses of the places users frequent.

The information may startle even some of the self-proclaimed technology-savvy ones. The truth is, the option can be startling but also useful.

The option makes it very easy for parents to track their child's true whereabouts.

While some are not fond of the idea of tracking loved ones, the fancy feature raises yet another question for consumers.

How secure are you at any given time?

Some worry this is just another way for people to have too much access to one's personal life.

To access the option:

Start by going to your settings and clicking on Privacy.

From there, click on Location Services, scroll down and click on *system* services.

Click on frequent locations - and you'll find a list of places you and your phone have been - including your home.

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