New noise at Myrtle Beach Speedway unwelcome for some

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – People who live just behind the Myrtle Beach Speedway are used to dealing with noise during races of engines running, but some of them said there is an issue with a new noise coming from the raceway.

For the new race season, Myrtle Beach Speedway made some upgrades including tearing down a grand stand to make way for a new venue that will double as a stage for concerts.

Walt Gillespie lives near the raceway, he said he had no problem hearing the concert this week.

"It was music and of course these young people love it, but to me it was very annoying," added Gillespie.

Even though Gillespie isn't the biggest fan of the new concerts, he understands the reason for them.

"I understand the speedway is trying to make a living and I've got nothing against those people," added Gillespie.

Terri Greer also lives behind the raceway and said she hopes the concerts bring more people and money to the Grand Strand but wishes the concerts were not during the week.

"Weekends are better because I have two granddaughters who go to school and they are up at six in the morning, so at seven at night, they are going to bed," added Greer.

Horry County Police said the north precinct has not received any complaints about the concerts. The county said there is no noise violation if the event organizers are following requirements set forth by the current ordinance and adhere to what is required in special events permits.

Representatives from the Myrtle Beach Speedway did not respond for comment on this story as of airtime.

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