Construction on the Myrtle Beach Sports Center is right on track

In just about a year, the city of Myrtle Beach will open another sports facility. The Myrtle Beach sports center will be an indoor facility and is scheduled to open in early spring of 2015. John McDonald, general manager of the Myrtle Beach sports center, is in Florida at a sports tourism convention planning events and getting more information on how to successfully manage the facility.

This new sports complex will include eight basketball courts, 16 volleyball courts, a cafe and retail area and an entertainment zone. But according to city officials, operational costs and budget concerns have forced them to scrap plans for a climbing wall and have replaced it with a ten-monitor entertainment center. They've also had to cut back on the amount of telescopic seats, from 1500 to about 800, but the project's overall timeline is still intact.

"This past Wednesday we had a meeting, everything is on schedule. They've done three concrete pours up to this point which is the 72,000 square foot area for the basketball court," Paul Edwards, general manager of the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. "That all went well. Everything is in place for that. So they're moving on with the project."

Edwards also said that residents can expect to start to see a structure go up next week, may 19th and begin to get a picture of what the facility will look like by mid-summer.