Consider This: New Boat Landing Cameras

There is good news that should help to make our communities safer now that funds are in place to install surveillance cameras at six area boat landings.

Consider This:

Police say the kidnapping and murder of Heather Elvis happened at Peachtree Landing and a camera could have helped provide important information in the case. The cameras will also help Police when they are investigating criminal activity like auto theft, boat destruction and illegal dumping.

State Representative Kevin Hardee and Heather Ammons-Crawford worked to get the state grants to fund the program for Horry County. The County says it will add additional surveillance cameras to other public facilities like the Horry County Animal Care Center and recreation centers as more funding becomes available.

Since cameras play such a critical role in solving crimes adding these boat landing cameras is a smart move and will more than justify the expense. In fact, I have a feeling it won't take long for these cameras to prove that adding more cameras in the future would justify additional funding.

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