TONIGHT AT 6 - Never too Old

TONIGHT AT 6PM - If you think you're too old for a gym membership, there's a couple of people you should meet.

Jack and Katherine Rogers are just months away from the age of 90. Between them, there is heart bypass surgery, arthritis, diabetes, fused vertebrae, plates and get the idea.  So, what are they doing in a gym with a certified trainer?

The simple answer; they are improving their quality of life, living longer and living better.

"That's where the fun is," says 89-year-old Jack Rogers. "We can tell after we've had a session. The walking is better, our stamina is much better. When we're away from this, we have to get back."

And there is science behind the Roger's decision to get back to stair climbers and cable pulls. In fact, the medical community has recently done an about-face when it comes to who should get back to the gym.

Tonight at 6, in a WMBF News Investigates special report, we find out this new science, and why no matter what your limitations, a good 'burn' could be just what the doctor ordered.

Tune in to WMBF News tonight at 6 p.m. for David Klugh's special report: "Never too Old."

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