Incident in New York raises concerns about bounce house safety

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Bounce houses are something most kids look forward to, whether it's at a party, festival, or maybe even your backyard, but they can become dangerous.

Two boys were seriously injured in South Glens Falls, New York when a gust of wind blew the 10-foot by 10-foot bounce house they were in at least 50 feet into the air.

According to Researchers from Nationwide Children's Hospital, in 2010, a child would be sent to the emergency room with bounce-house-related injuries almost every 45 minutes.

A local bounce house rental company, Grand Rental Station in Georgetown, said the business rents out more than 100 inflatables throughout the year, and has never had any injuries.

Tommy Gordon, the owner of the company, says when you take the extra steps, these toys are safe. He explains that his employees come to inspect the ground prior to installation, and then drive three-foot-long nails into the ground, tie the inflatable down, and then blow it up.

His biggest piece of advice to renters is to let professionals install the bounce house, and then to leave it alone, even if it is deflated.

You can also find those inflatables on toy store shelves. A local mom had some trouble with a bounce house she purchased for her kids.

"They're dangerous," Crystal Player said. "I got rid of it because they can deflate with the kids in there and it's just scary, to be honest with you - because you can't get to them sometimes fast enough, it doesn't matter if the stakes are in the ground good enough or not. Accidents can happen at anytime."

Crystal can't stress enough this advice to all parents: "Look out for everyone, and not just for their kids, and other kids as well."

Nearly 50 people, including children from around the country, were reportedly hurt or killed in 2011 according to a website who regulates amusement rides. A local bounce house rental company said they are all about the kids having fun, but their safety is first.

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