Myrtle Beach, the ideal location for teens looking for summer jobs

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Many parents say they want their kids to do something productive when they're out of school in the summer.  For most, a summer job is ideal. 

 Local teens fill a number of summertime jobs all across the Grand Strand, and, unlike other parts of the country, the jobs are tailored for them because many are seasonal. The timing fits perfectly with teens' school schedules. Plus, businesses on Ocean Boulevard say young people trying to lock down their first job to get cash in their pockets are going to work hard for the opportunity.

Another advantage of seasonal jobs: they aren't as alluring to adults who already have experience in the work force.

"Most employees are looking for something closer to full-time, certainly year-round to be able to support their families," says Lisa McCartney,an Assistant Manager for Ripley's Believe It or Not. "So, often there might not be quite as much competition for some of these seasonal positions among the general work force as there may be among teens and college students."

There are five Ripley's attractions in the Myrtle BEach area, and each one is hiring seasonal positions. The site to apply can be accessed here:

Workers all along the street say the shops on Ocean Boulevard hire teens looking for seasonal work in the summer because it's ideal for both groups. It's hard for shops to find quality workers to fill seasonal part-time spots, but teens fit the bill because they're eager to make some cash.

So if your teens are trying to find employment once that bell rings on the last day of class, here are some more suggestions:

Myrtle Waves is hiring teens, as is Ocean Lakes Family Campground. Lack's Beach Lifeguards is hiring lifeguards ages 18-and-older. So are movie theatres, like the one at The Market Common.

The huge benefit for teens in this area is the availability of so many seasonal jobs, and many that don't require many qualifications.

"I think it can be a lot easier for teens to find a job here as opposed to other areas," McCartney says. "Just because there are so many seasonal positions, because the nature of the business here. And also because we have a lot of entry-level positions where teens who may not have other experience, if they're motivated and willing to learn, they can gain a lot of great experience and they can really be an asset to the companies here."

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