Sharing the roads with drivers and pedestrians

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – No matter your form of transportation you use to get around, everyone shares the road.

On Saturday, Misty White, a competitive runner who got hit by a car last October, ran her first race since the accident. Misty encourages others to learn from her incident and practice being safe on the roads.

"You know I feel like I did everything right the day that I got hit by the car," White says. "I looked and I pushed the button, but the video shows that the light for the drivers was green, and even though two cars waved me to go on, this other guy didn't see me.

"So I guess the biggest lesson that I learned was never take anything for granted, and you know, I thought I always looked out for the other guy already, but watch out for the other guy even more so," she adds.

That's advice to keep in mind as tourists start flooding our area and those unfamiliar drivers navigate our streets.

While they are looking for their next turn to make, they may not be looking for you.

"Even though you got the signal or you've got the right of way, because of the way the intersection is configured, the pedestrian is always going to lose in the collision," Master Corporal Shannon Toole says.

Myrtle Beach Police say a big portion of their job is to educate people in our area. They want to make sure you know how to use the crosswalk and hit the command switch so you have the right of way.

Toole also says you should look left, look right and look left again to make sure nothing is coming. He adds that most of the people actually walking are along Ocean Blvd, so that's where both pedestrians and drivers need to be most careful.

According to the US Department of Transportation, more than 60,000 people are either hurt or killed in roadway crashes annually.

Myrtle Beach Police Department ask that if you are walking near a road, to be mindful and aware of those around you. Wear bright colors and pay attention. Chances are, you will see a car headed toward you before they see you.

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