Myrtle Beach cab driver charged with sexual assault against teen

Alqi Dhimo | Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department
Alqi Dhimo | Source: Myrtle Beach Police Department

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Myrtle Beach cab driver has been charged with sexually assaulting a teen.

According to Myrtle Beach Police, 50-year-old Alqi Dhimo, is facing first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

According to the police report, around 10:30 p.m. last Wednesday night, the 19-year-old victim said she was stopped by a cab driver in front of Hotel Blue, at 705 S. Ocean Boulevard, and asked if she needed a ride. She said she told him she had no money and had lost her cell phone. The cab driver reportedly told her it was okay if she didn't have any money, and he would help her find the misplaced cell phone.

She was driven around for about 5-10 minutes.

She said the driver drove behind two buildings and parked.

Police wrote the following in the police report:

"The cab driver started to kiss and fondle her with his hands. The victim stated that she asked the cab driver to stop multiple times, but he continued. The victim stated that the cab driver then grabbed her by the neck and put his hand over her mouth."

The victim said she was then raped. The ringing of the suspect's phone and the sound of voices stopped the assault.

According to the police report, the cab driver quickly drove away and took the victim to Captain Quarter's, at 901 S. Ocean Blvd., where she reported what happened to police.

Captain Knipes from the Myrtle Beach police department urges people visiting here to travel in numbers and make cab arrangements through hotels they are staying at.

WMBF News looked into how the City of Myrtle Beach regulates taxi companies. The city spokesperson says in order to get a permit the drivers must have a valid license, a clean driving record for 10 years and a clean criminal background check from SLED.

Licensed cabs are issued medallions or stickers on the front and back windshield.

We found out that Dhimo is licensed in Myrtle Beach and according to other cab drivers he is the owner of the cab company that's been around for years. They tell our reporter they can't imagine the sexual assault allegations being true.

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