Athlete of the Week: Alex Brown, Mullins

MULLINS, SC (WMBF) - If there's one way Alex Brown could sum up his senior season playing basketball for Mullins, it would be 'memorable'. It also set a new high for the standard of opponents he faced thanks to some national tournaments.

"Especially when we played in the Chick-Fil-A (Challenge), and the Beach Ball Classic against top competition," Brown said. "Just going out, staying in hotels with my teammates, it was great fun. I never thought it was a possibility, but I'm glad it happened."

That was all made possible thanks to his talent - but also that of Jalek Felton, the all-star freshman who is the nephew of current NBA player Raymond Felton. And Jalek has the skills to prove it.

"That was fun, because we would just have little competitions, seeing who could score the highest in a night," explained Brown. "That's how I really feel it was. His future is going to be bright. I'm going to see him on TV someday."

The two provided the most dynamic 1-2 scoring punch in the area, but Brown admits those two wouldn't have developed their games if not for head coach Mark Gerald, who has become a stable on the sidelines for Mullins.

"He helps you develop your game, but teaches you more about life off the court too," Brown said.

Brown won't make a splash nationally just yet - he'll head to a junior college to work on his transition to the guard spot, and then hopes to sign on with a division one school soon after that.

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