Atlantic Beach jumps on the tent ban bandwagon

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) - If your favorite spot for fun and sun is in Atlantic Beach, then leave your tent at home. That's the latest message to beach goers after town council joined the tent ban bandwagon.

Atlantic Beach wants you to know, this ban starts next week, from May 15th through September 15th. Atlantic Beach sits just south of North Myrtle Beach.  Town leaders say since they're following the same tent dates as North Myrtle, they should be easy to follow. Signs will be put in place to alleviate confusion, like the ones in place to keep your dog off the beach.

Break the rules and expect to pay the price. A tent on Atlantic Beach will cost you a $500 dollar fine, 30 days in jail, or both.

It's the first year of beach tents bans and the biggest complaint is confusion over where and when they're allowed.

The City of Myrtle Beach bans tents from Memorial Day until Labor Day.  If you're on the 14 mile stretch of Horry County beaches, you can leave your tent home, all year round.

A major concern in moving forward with the ban was backlash from businesses dealing with angry tourists, but grand strand mayors say businesses are working with them to spread the new rules - and so far haven't heard many complaints.

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