Consider This: Coast RTA

It may have been a botched bus shelter program and questions about plans for a new transit center that lead to the termination of Coast RTA CEO Myers Rollins, but the concern over his ability to effectively manage the Horry County public transit program had been building for a long time.

Consider This:

When the funding referendum for Coast RTA was proposed a few years ago, I suggested that the community support the initiative. Public transportation is important, and for many people in our community, it is their only source for access to health care, jobs and other services. It also provided Coast RTA with consistent funding so it could plan long term instead of begging for money each year. But with that funding comes accountability and Horry County leaders who represent all of us who are paying that subsidy are obligated to make sure those funds are properly managed.

Coast RTA board members are very aware that the funding is necessary to survive and the only way to ensure that the funding would continue was to make a management change. Hopefully new leadership will get the operation headed back in the right direction and rebuild the support of all of the stakeholders. As I said earlier, public transportation is important and Coast RTA now has a chance for a fresh start.

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