South Carolina couple married for 72 years dies a day apart

(WYFF) - Behind every great love is a great story. For Norbert and June Rogers, it's a love born in secret.

The handsome young military man eloped with the bright eyed teenage girl

in August 1941.

Through the years, hand in hand, Norbert and June built a lasting love and life.

A deep commitment that withstood time and the raising of 5 children.

"It's amazing just a perfectly beautiful love story. And I'm glad I was a part of it," said daughter Marilyn Boston.

The Rogers celebrated anniversary after anniversary but there was no honeymoon.

That is, until their children surprised them with one for their 70th anniversary at the red horse inn in Spartanburg County, South Carolina where romance fills the air.

June's heart was filled with love but it was weak.

And at the beginning of April, doctors gave her only days to live.

That's when Norbert's unwavering devotion took over.

"Dad kept his promise. He died first. She died the next day," Boston said.

It was a first for Edgewood Church of Christ.

A funeral was held for a husband and wife, who died within hours of each other.

"He literally, i believe, willed himself to die. There were no visible signs that he was sick. You could say, I guess, that he died of a broken heart," said family friend Wes Crisp.

It was a bond so rare and powerful - strong enough to carry them away together.

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