Some in Florence push for prayer in school

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Some roads in Florence were shut down on Saturday morning as a group took to the streets in an effort try and get prayer back in schools.

"There is a great need to put prayer back in school, not just here in Florence, but across the nation," said Pat Gibson-Hye Moore, the co-chair of the Put Prayer Back Initiate in the Pee Dee.

The march left the Florence One School Board and went down Irby Street, onto West Dargan Street, and ended at the Florence City Building, where more than 100 people came out for a rally.

"We need to put good morals back in school and really preach the things that come from the Bible," said Cliff Leonard, a local pastor helping Gibson Hye-Moore with the initiative.

Together, along with others committed to the cause, they have been able to get 10,000 signatures on a petition which will become part of a bill currently being worked on at the state house.

"One of our house reps has a bill in the South Carolina House now to put prayer back, and we need to make that happen," said Gibson- HyeMoore. "We have well over 10,000 signatures now on our petition."

The people who have signed it believe that putting prayer back in school will help lower the amount of violence and gang-related issues facing school-aged kids.

But since everyone may not share the same religious beliefs, we wanted to know how others' beliefs and freedom would be affected should prayer be returned back to the classroom.

"If there is a prayer in the classroom, a Christian prayer, students would be able to step out of the classroom," said Gibson-HyeMoore.

Right now, the group says it will have more marches and rallies to spread its message.

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