Demolition begins at SBB Four Corners

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – More than a year after the property was sold, the SBB Four Corners location is being demolished by the new owner. This demolition comes just one week before the start of the 2014 spring bike rally.

"It's kind of ironic that it's happening now the week before rally and they'll probably still be working on it while rally is going on," said Bill Barber who manages the SBB Four Corners location for more than ten years.  "But it will help people driving by see, 'Oops, it's not there anymore so we'll go to the original.'"

Barber said SBB Four Corners was sold due to mostly financial reasons.  For the time being, he is focused on getting the original SBB location off Highway 17 Business up and running with new renovations just in time for the 75th Spring Bike Rally.

"For 13 years we had two SBB's so this gives us a chance to revamp and get a better flow here to try and accommodate more people so we went up in the air and fixed a lot of things," added Barber.

Part of the new renovations includes pieces of the old Four Corners spot, such as an outdoor serving patio. Barber said it's still tough knowing the other SBB will not be around this year.

"It was tough everyday driving by that bar and seeing it and the equipment there. It does get emotional 'cause that's part of the family but we move on," said Barber.

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