Police presence to decrease crime in Timmonsville

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - With a police presence returning to the town of Timmonsville, people hope crimes like burglary and vandalism will decline.

This time two years ago, budgeting issues forced the town to get rid of its police force.

"There are a lot of bad things happening in the community like burglaries, so I think that will help that out a lot," said Calvin Sowells, manager of AJ's Southern Cuisine.

Calvin Sowells, is the manager at a brand new restaurant that just opened in Timmonsville.

Sowells said the town is bringing back a police chief should help bring more money into AJ's Southern Cuisine.

"I feel like people will feel safer coming out of their house and coming to the businesses," said Sowells.

Some hope a police presence will bring some of the crime they see to a halt.

"Burglaries, fighting, nonsense situations going on," said Tatrice Graham.

As long as a background check come back clean, former Timmonsville Police Officer Gregory Palmer will start working as the town's Police Chief next week.

"I'm glad to welcome him back to the town of Timmonsville. Something that we really need in the town of Timmonsville is police officers. I mean one is good enough, but if more comes after that, then that's fine. He was always a good officer to the community of Timmonsville," said Graham.

With the return of the town's police force, what kind of equipment will be available to use? Some police equipment has been stolen or damaged, since the force dissolved back in May 2012.

In a report WMBF News discovered last summer, vandals did damage to three police cruisers, click here for the story: http://www.wmbfnews.com/story/22936713/police-cruisers-vandalized-in-timmonsville.

Town leaders say those three cars will probably be sold at auction.

The town administrator says Timmonsville still has three patrol cars in great condition currently being held at the Florence County Sheriff's Office.

As for the guns and tasers stolen from police headquarters last year, those are being replaced with money in the current budget.

Town council is expected to approve Palmer next week once the background check clears.

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