Vigil Saturday for Amber Berbiglia, 1 year after unsolved murder

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It's an unsolved murder investigation that tore through the North Myrtle Beach community. The death of Amber Berbiglia still haunts her friends and family looking for resolution in her case.

Friends want to erase the darkness surrounding the crime scene where she was found with a candlelight vigil Saturday, May 3. It will mark year one year since she was found, brutally assaulted and tossed aside until a passerby discovered her body under the Robert Edge Parkway overpass.

"People that didn't know her just care that someone killed a 23-year-old girl. And it could have been their family ... could have been anyone's family," expressed Amber's close friend, Karen Ritchie.

Angels look over Karen Ritchie's home, a place Amber used to visit often. They sit on the mantle above her fireplace, with a picture of Amber safely tucked in between.

"I felt so lucky that she was part of my life and I knew her like I did," said Ritchie. She helped plan Saturday's vigil for her close friend.

Police hope the vigil will bring new leads into Amber's case. So far, no suspect has been identified, however, police are actively investigating to find Amber's killer.

"Hundreds of tips come in, and hundreds of tips are investigated," said Lt. Robert Kegler with the Horry County Police Department.

Lt. Kegler noted that Detective Martin has been on this case since day one. Amber's file still sits on his desk.

"I looked at him eyeball to eyeball and said 'don't forget about her.' And he said 'I won't, I have a daughter her age. I have 104 murder investigations and I've solved 100 of them.' I believe in my heart he wants to solve the other four," said Ritchie.

Without resolution, Ritchie says Amber's friends and family cannot fully start the mourning process, even after a year has passed.

"Someone needs to pay for what they did. I don't see how someone can go through the day-to-day life with that hanging on them," Ritchie said.

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