Consider This: Good Call, Pelicans

The Myrtle Beach Pelicans tried to be creative this year with its marketing campaign using the slogan "Un-Flocking Believable." It was an attempt to tie in with the bird mascot, but it was also a not-so-subtle connection with a word that's not so family friendly.

Consider This:

Minor League Baseball has done an amazing job of growing its brand by offering an affordable, entertaining product targeted towards families. And when the Pelicans launched this campaign, some of those families told them they went a little too far.

The Pelicans invested quite a bit of money in advertising and marketing to blast the message, so changing the phrase will impact the bottom line. Give Pelicans General Manager Andy Milovich and his team credit for listening to the fans and realizing that making the change was ultimately worth more in the long run than the cost of rebranding.

"We're the Grand Strand's team, and if it makes sense to change it, let's change it and invest the money," Milovich said.

The new slogan is "Amaz-Wing." It's still clever and accomplishes the marketing goal, and it's a phrase that all families can embrace.

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