Severe weather puts Pee Dee folks on high alert

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The strong storms on Wednesday didn't send any tornadoes into the Myrtle Beach or Pee Dee areas, but they did put people on alert; including some affected by the tornado that hit Florence county last June.

"If you would have experienced it, I thought I was dead," said Audrey Rogers.

Audrey Rogers remembers the devastating blow left behind by the tornado that hit Quinby last July.

"Before I could put the car ... I happened to look down the street and saw the gravel and I saw something black and twisting," said Rogers.

The National Weather Service says what Audrey saw was a tornado with speeds up to 105 miles per hour.

"The wind just blew me…. I was shaking, just shaking," said Rogers.

The tornado left a mess for people in the Rosewood Mobile Home Community, but it also impacted the community directly behind it on Ball Park Road.

Rogers said the tornado jumped over her home - ripping off a few shingles and roof tiles.

"I'm right here in the midst of it, but my trailer is still standing. Only God could have done it," said Rogers.

The home across the street suffered a lot of damage.

"The house right across the street I mean it was … thank God nobody was in that house," said Rogers.

The mobile home was so badly damaged it had to be replaced.

To this day Rogers says she is fearful when storms hit.

"Now, if I hear a little bit of thunder, like I'm here by myself ... Yeah, it scares me," said Rogers.

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