Restaurant Scorecard: DHEC gives 3 'As,' 2 'Bs' to restaurants this week

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On this week's "Restaurant Scorecard," Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors gave three local restaurants an "A" rating, and two a "B" rating due to several critical violations.

Omega Pancake House on North Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach received 83 out of 100 possible points during their routine DHEC inspection this week. Inspectors noted: there was a scoop without a handle, soap was missing from the hand sink, a spray nozzle was not clean, wet cloths were not stored in sanitizer buckets, there was greasy build up on the sides of equipment, and the floors were in poor repair, among other violations.

Dulce Bakery on Highway 15 in Myrtle Beach also received a "B" with 81 out of 100 points. According to the inspection report: raw chickens were stored over ready-to-eat food, waste water was dumped on the ground outside, back storage shelves and the floor under equipment in the bakery was not clean, wiping cloths were not stored properly after use, and paper towels were not provided at the hand sink.

Subs R Us on Shore Drive in Myrtle Beach got 99 points, Caledonia Restaurant and Grill in Pawleys Island got 99 points, and Co Sushi on Deville Street in Myrtle Beach got 93 points, so all three received "A" ratings from DHEC.

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